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Here’s what happy customers are saying about the CoatHook.

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Photograph of Louie, a one-eyed black and white long-haired cat with a CoatHook pet comb and a pile of harvested fur

Louie and I love the Coat Hook! I can’t believe how much fur I can comb out, and he has a lot of fur! He’s in heaven when I comb him.

— L.J., Massachusetts, USA

a very furry cat with a pile of fur width=

“The CoatHook is working very well for Mushu! He grooms himself more now that he’s no longer a kitten, so his hairball hurling has become more frequent. He’s a very hairy guy! He never much liked the old wire brush, and it didn’t pick up much anyway. The CoatHook is able to grab way more undercoat, and he seems to like it more and more as we use it. We catch him when he’s in a subdued grooming mood, and he purrs and mews like a kitten. His hairball frequency is much better, and he might even look a bit slimmer!”

— J.W., Massachusetts, USA

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“When my Newfie Berkeley and I tried the CoatHook pet comb, I was impressed — right from the very first stroke — with how much undercoat it removed; it was jaw dropping. The CoatHook is much more effective than any other grooming tools we’ve used, and I love how it doesn’t cut Berkeley’s outer guard coat.”

— S.V., Massachusetts, USA

Scoot — the orange long-haired feral cat who loves being combed with the CoatHook Pet Comb

"We’ve been using the CoatHook on Scoot for the past few weeks, and he absolutely loves it — and I love that he hasn’t had a fur ball in that time!"

"Bear in mind that he is from a feral colony and isn’t always approachable. We still are unable to pick him up for instance. He gets so relaxed when we brush him now that he actually rolls over so we can get to his belly."

"We had been using a Furminator for cats and a traditional brush, neither of which worked for him. The traditional brush makes that hollow sound which seems to scare him. The amount of fur that would come off of him was minimal. With the Furminator, it always felt like only the top layer of fur went through the brush and it was very ineffective. It felt like we were cutting the top layer."

"I wasn’t sure how Scoot would respond to the CoatHook, since it does catch a bit as we brush him. For a cat who easily gets sensory overload, we weren’t sure how it would work in the long run. He just loves it and starts doing his relaxation drool when he sees the brush appear."

"Thanks again for the brush — it’s a great product."

— CR, Maine, USA

the CoatHook pet comb with black lab and a pile of harvested fur

“I absolutely love the CoatHook! Just tried it on my boy Lonnie, a lab-shepherd mix with soft, medium-length fur, and can’t believe how much hair it removed! I love this comb!”

"I combed Lonnie the day I received the CoatHook and got a ton of hair off of him. I combed him again today and removed a bit more fur.... I wish I’d thought to take a picture the first day I used it...I was so excited about the outcome! We could have made another puppy with what came off him! Truly a remarkable product!"

— J.J., Maine, USA

The CoatHook pet comb with Merle Australian shepherd

“My 10-year-old Merle Australian Shepherd, Dixie, has hardly ever been brushed in her life, because she hates it. I received your CoatHook yesterday and I brushed her for an hour! I was the one who had to give up! And I just now brushed her for another hour! She is lying on the bed .... upside down snoring her head off! This is the best thing ever!"

My two short-haired babies were getting jealous, so now I have to use the CoatHook on them daily! Not that they have the right kind of fur, but they love the back scratchings, LOL!"

"And yesterday, I brushed my mean old cat, and he started purring! I would say this is the best product ever!"

— T.S., New Mexico, USA

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“I was given a CoatHook, and I tried it on our 12-year-old lab. WOW! We usually use another shedding tool that he hates. The CoatHook has completely changed our grooming!”

— A.B.B., Florida, USA

“This pile of fur is from the second round of combing my 17-year-old, Katy. We get that much every day! She thinks our only job is to brush and comb her, so she really loves the new comb. Her sister Madison loves it, too. Never had anything work like The CoatHook. I’ve raved to every pet owner I know about it. I’ve never been more impressed with a pet product than this comb!"

— N.H., Texas, USA

Cats Madison and Katy with a pile of fur harvested by the CoatHook pet comb

The CoatHook pet comb with a bunny rabbit named Lola

“My Lionhead bunny Lola has crazy hair! Her undercoat always seems to be shedding. She is also the most timid of my three bunnies and is usually scared of any comb or brush I have tried. She sat still and let me comb both sides of her (which is an accomplishment), and I got a good amount of hair out. I'm so glad!”

— P.L., Illinois, USA

“I am very new to the world of Sheltie fur and SFS — ‘Spring Fluffball Syndrome!’ I just tried the CoatHook pet comb on Bolt, and I have never ever gotten that much hair off him before — wow! He hates to be brushed, but he actually didn’t mind the CoatHook too much! I will use it regularly and sing its praises with my dog peeps!”

— K.L., Ontario, Canada

The CoatHook pet comb and a Sheltie named Bolt

“The CoatHook works great on Cinder. I’ve removed tons of fur with it. Someone told me she’s either part or full Norwegian Forest cat. I adopted her the day before our big February snowstorm. I went out shopping knowing I’d be snowed in the next day and, on a whim, found myself at PetSmart. Well, there she was, a mangy looking kitty in one of Kennebec Valley Humane Society’s kitty condos. I walked up to the glass to talk to her. When she sniffed my hand through the small holes in the plexiglass, she started pawing at the glass, and the rest is history. Best decision ever! She cries to be picked up and is a hugger. ❤”

— K.E., Maine, USA

The CoatHook pet comb with Cinder the long-haired Norwegian Forest cat

Sheltie dog with CoatHook pet comb

“The CoatHook works great on my Sheltie as well as on my cat who is finicky when being combed, but he loved it!”

— T.B., Maine, USA

Shepherd / Husky / Lab mix with the CoatHook pet comb and a giant pile of fur

“This is Kuma, my 11-year-old Shepherd / Husky / Golden mix — with fur to prove it. He stopped enjoying being combed or brushed at around 9 years old because his arthritic joints and many lymphomas made it painful for him. The CoatHook’s price tag seemed like a lot for a small amount of plastic, but I was desperate, so I ordered one. The first time I used it, I was sold. I can brush Kuma with the CoatHook without any concern from him, and he likes getting the attention again, which was enough for me. The fact that the CoatHook gently removes his Husky undercoat without pulling his outer coat is huge. I've recommended the CoatHook to several friends, and they had the same reaction — worth every penny.”

— T.M., Massachusetts, USA

“Shiva and I love our CoatHook! It was a lifesaver at clearing out her winter undercoat. She would roll onto her back just to let me brush her fluffy belly. I'm gifting the extra CoatHook you sent to a friend who also has a long-haired cat. I really think they'll love it as much as Shiva and I do.”

— J.L., Illinois, USA

The CoatHook pet comb with Shiva the long-haired cat

Remy the Sheltie loves the CoatHook pet comb

“Just pulled the CoatHook out of the mailbox, and sat down to try it on my Sheltie, Remy. At 10 months old, she sits still for nothing, but when she felt the CoatHook going through her fur, she became perfectly still. We were astounded! She really seemed to like it, and it pulled a lot of fur out! Great product!”

— L.L., North Carolina, USA

Big fluffy dog enjoys being groomed with the CoatHook pet comb

“I like the CoatHook better than any other undercoat removing tool I’ve used in the past. I definitely like it better than the Furminator because it doesn’t damage the guard hairs.”

— T.G., California, USA

CoatHook pet comb at work on a yellow lab

“My CoatHook came in the mail today and within five minutes I had Governor outside and in Lab heaven getting his undercoat removed with the CoatHook, which by the way is awesome. So light and easy to use and works better than anything I’ve tried before. It seemed a lot easier on his skin, and he actually enjoyed having a ton of undercoat removed. It was like I brushed out an entire other dog! There were literally gobs of fluff balls on the deck that blew away in the wind, but I captured a few pictures of him before and during his brush out. Thanks so much. I will highly endorse this product.”

— H.L., Maine, USA

Big fluffy dog enjoys being groomed with the CoatHook pet comb

“The best thing ever! We love the CoatHook! My dog isn’t usually so happy about being brushed because he has so much hair and so many tangles but you can see by the photo that he is loving this. Thanks for a great product and for helping Big Fluffy Dog Rescue.”

  — M.B., Florida, USA

Big Mike the feral cat loves being groomed with the CoatHook

“Big Mike, the feral cat, is hard to video because he’s always head butting my hands, but he loves to be ‘CoatHooked’ and purrs up a storm.

This is a cat who’s never been groomed in his whole life, yet he loves The CoatHook.”

— N.M., Maine, USA

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And click here to order a CoatHook to support Friends of Feral Felines of Maine.

“This is Theodore, our 90-pound Newfoundland puppy. He has very thick fur, even for a Newfie, and the existing grooming tools I had just weren’t working very well for him at all. When I saw the CoatHook on the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue’s Facebook page, I wanted to try it, especially as you were supporting the rescue.

I just wanted to let you know what an excellent job it does on his fur, removing the undercoat — even on his legs! And the best part is, he likes it and is far less squirmy than when I used the other brushes and combs. The pile of hair next to him is from just half of him! (He is still a puppy so he can’t sit still for an entire grooming quite yet.)”

— J.J., Massachusetts, USA

Siberian Huskies with the CoatHook pet comb

“Grooming my two-year-old Siberian Husky, Shelby, with the CoatHook is a dream. I can’t believe how much fur the CoatHook removes from this tiny female! And she has a dopey “OMG, this feels so good…don't stop ’cause I’m in a trance” look on her face.

My seven-year-old Diesel’s thick and very dense coat is a little more challenging, but a strong hold on the handle and more pressure at the base of the tines helps to get through the thickest part of his coat around his neck and hips. I got so much fur from Diesel’s neck that I had to tighten his collar.

What I like most about the CoatHook is that it does not break the guard hairs, and it does not hurt. To test that, I ran it along my own leg and arm and through my own hair, and it doesn’t hurt or cut or pull any hair out — it actually feels good. I’m confident that it’s removing only the downy undercoat that’s ready to be removed.

Siberian Huskies with the CoatHook pet comb

Shelby and Diesel don’t seem to mind being groomed with the CoatHook. Matter of fact, both were on their backs with bellies exposed while I ran the CoatHook through their fur. They just thought it was a good way to get their bellies rubbed.

But nothing is perfect. Sometimes two tines become crossed at the tips. No big deal, though, I just simply untwisted them. I do wish the CoatHook, which measures just shy of 2” wide, were double that width to better cover large-breed dogs.”
— N.G., Massachusetts, USA

Note from the CoatHook inventors: We will be developing CoatHook models in various sizes for different species and breeds.

“I already removed a giant fistful of fur off one cat, Gus, with just a preliminary pass! First run through. I should've taken before pics. The fur we removed is covering about a legal pad area. We probably got twice that over the course of the evening. Gus is a work in progress, but his front half is completely detangled and starting to look better. Comb works great! Mittens feels soooo soft again!”

— T.R., Maine, USA

“I love the CoatHook! It works great, and it’s made in the USA! I was watching my mother-in-law’s cat, Easy, while she was away, and she’s always used an old slicker brush that has thin, sharp, metal teeth and is basically useless. So, I took the opportunity to order a CoatHook as a surprise and put it to work immediately so I could show her the results when she got back. Easy really enjoys the CoatHook. It runs smoothly through his coat and picks up all the shedding hair. I also really appreciate the founders’ heartfelt mission to give back to animal rescue centers and shelters across the country.”

— P.K., New York, USA

Sheltie / Shepherd Dog Chico

“My 11-year-old double-coated mixed-breed dog, Chico, is very unhappy when I groom him with slicker brushes and the Furminator, which are what I call ‘pokey’ or ‘scratchy’ against his skin. And, while he has no objections to a natural-bristle human hairbrush, that doesn’t really get through the coat.

But Chico has no objection to the CoatHook, and it does a great job of removing fluffy undercoat. The rounded ends of the CoatHook are much less bothersome to him. He might even almost enjoy brushing now.

Your product is a good one, and I will be telling anyone who will listen how much Chico likes his.”

— A.R., New Hampshire, USA

Hero, a CoatHook fan

“The CoatHook did such a wonderful job on Hero! I gave it to a friend who has a few very old long-haired cats and then had to order another one because I hated not having one of my own!”

— P.D., Maine, USA

nova scotia duck tolling retreiver

“The CoatHook is a hit with my two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreivers, Cody and Missey!

It doesn’t rip out the coat, as some other tools do, and it gets right through to the dead coat underneath. I wasn’t sure how robust it would be, as it is plastic and I’m quite heavy handed. I had a concern that I would snap a tooth; however it is still in one piece. The teeth are flexible, and I’m learning to adjust the weight I’m applying.

I will be taking it with me to the up and coming dog shows and recommending it to my friends.”

— A.M., Wrexham, UK


“The CoatHook works GREAT on our beagles, and they love it. They did not like whatever we used to use — a brush or the Furminator. This morning they all stood patiently and then got jealous when I was working on one of the others. I think it’s just enough of a back scratch while removing the excess fur, so they loved it.”

— C.P.F., New Hampshire, USA

“I just want to tell you how much I like the CoatHook! I received it yesterday — the delivery time was super fast. I used it last night on my cat, and it worked really well.

Mikey the Norwegian Forest Cat

My Norwegian Forest Cat, Mikey, has a very thick undercoat plus a top coat that is quite long, and the CoatHook went through his fur very easily. He seemed less stressed when I was using it, too, which is always nice for both of us!

The CoatHook is probably the best grooming tool I have purchased thus far, and trust me, I have purchased many in my many years of pet ownership!

The other nice thing about this product is the donation you’ll make to Granite State Dog Recovery. I just love that organization and all they do for any lost animal and their owners. They are definitely angels on earth in my opinion!

Also, the personal time and effort you put into the sale of your product is a really nice thing. Your acknowledgement email and the accompanying personal note sent with the CoatHook is that extra step that makes the entire experience even more pleasurable.”

— D.G., New Hampshire, USA

“In the past 35 years I have lovingly owned five Basset Hounds, most adopted from rescue groups and shelters. The two I have now are Flora who came from North Texas Basset Rescue, and Annie who came from the local humane society.

flora the basset hound

“Flora, who is at least 11 years old, has a coat that’s a bit longer and she sheds a lot. She has numerous benign lumps and also arthritis, so she’s sensitive to being combed and brushed, but she really enjoys my brushing her with your CoatHook. I was able to hook so much undercoat from her!

annie the basset hound

“Annie is about six years old, and her coat is shorter and she hardly sheds, but she still loves being “hooked” by your unique invention.

“I always felt they didn’t really like to be brushed by my Furminator; no matter how gently I used it, the Furminator seemed to pull their coats too much. So, I was researching an alternative ‘brush’ that would be especially gentle for Flora. When I found your website, I knew your product was just what I needed.

“Both Flora and Annie thoroughly enjoy being combed by your CoatHook. This is such a wonderful product — thank you for inventing it. I plan to tell friends about it. Thank you for your creativity.”

— S.K., Texas, USA

black cat“Other combs just can’t do what the CoatHook can. The CoatHook is amazing at preventing fur balls for my long-haired cat, Sam — a welcomed change for both him and I.”

— R.I., Alberta, Canada

long-haired shelter cat

“So happy with this product! I volunteer at HART cat shelter and adoption center, and I admit I was skeptical when I first saw it there. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked and how unfazed most of the cats were when being groomed with it. I am a true believer and will recommend it to adopters at HART!”

— C.B., Adoption coordinator with HART, Maine, USA

short-haired cat

“I received the CoatHook and tried it out on my cat, Rainy, last night. She usually will not sit still for a brush, but she sat still longer than usual, and I was very happy with the hair that was removed. Great invention and glad it was in the Forecaster.”

— P.G., Maine, USA

bearded collie with dog cookies

“Our Bearded Collie, Lily, has a mixed coat. Her white fur is very soft and mats easily. The small points on the back of the CoatHook do a great job working through the mats. Once we get through the mats, the hooks remove the loose, shedding fur.

“Her grey fur is coarser. the CoatHook does a great job working through the thick top coat, and down to the undercoat. The best part is that it takes out the shedding fur without cutting the outer coat!

CoatHook loaded with bearded collie fur“This is what the CoatHook combed out right after Lily came back from the groomer where she had been shaved down. The CoatHook is amazing!”

— B.F., Maine, USA 

Scottish fold cat

“The CoatHook is the only product among others that we’ve tried that actually works. We — my Scottish fold, Bonya, and orange tabby, Roma — are very happy with this purchase. Great product, guys!

orange tabby cat

Since you have a patent on the CoatHook, it is gonna be a big thing because there is nothing even close on the market. Excellent job folks.”

— O.Z., Alberta, Canada

orange tabby cat

“I am pretty impressed with how well the CoatHook works! I have two cats: Nicky has a sleek coat, and Flan has a slightly thicker coat. Neither is long-haired, and neither technically has an undercoat. The CoatHook works phenomenally on both types of fur, and both cats dig their CoatHook!

tabby cat

“The hooks reminded me of something that I couldn’t place; then I realized it reminded me of a cat’s tongue...and both of my cats seemed to not only tolerate being brushed by the CoatHook, but actually enjoy it (for a time, at least; they’re cats, after all). It’s the first brush I’ve found that they’ll sit still for for any length of time.”

— A.M., North Carolina, USA

CoatHook with white mixed-breed dog

“Wow! The CoatHook works great on Noel’s coat!”

 — B.P., Maryland, USA

long-haired cat

“My long-haired cat, Matthew, is in absolute heaven getting groomed with the CoatHook. He LOVES it. When he sees me with it, he comes running to me, meowing, and he doesn’t stop until I brush him with it!”

— C.A., Washington, USA

long-haired cat with furball

“We were able to de-tangle and de-shed Washington really well with the CoatHook. He purred while we were grooming him, then he played with the toy that we made by rolling all the fur into a little ball!”

— M.F., Maine, USA

The CoatHook has really become a nice tool in my pet comb and brush arsenal. I have about eight kinds and use them for different reasons and shedding seasons.

I have Shiba Inus, Koji and Ellie, and I run the Shiba Inu Rescue of Texas.

Shiba Inu dogKoji, loves it, and it’s so nice to be able to get the shorter hair on his belly and legs without changing combs. We aren't even in a coat blow yet, and I like how much easier it is to snag the loose undercoat.

Ellie is not a fan of brushing, but she very much tolerates the CoatHook over the greyhound combs. In fact, we’re breaking it out again today as the spring shedding is already underway! Don’t tell her this, but I think, with a little bit of cheese, she even LIKES it.

I’ve used the CoatHook on some of my timid fosters as well! I like how it doesn’t get too deep and tug on the skin as some of the combs can, and it really helps remove that undercoat at a nice rate. It’s definitely the top choice (along with a rubber curry comb) for the dogs that are getting accustomed to a regular groom, it’s so gentle!

We’re really enjoying it and love the variety it adds to our brushings.”

— S.D., Texas, USA

golden retriever

“I’ve gone through so many brushes and combs trying to find something that works but doesn’t agitate the skin of my Golden Retriever, “Captain Noodles SkitterPaws von SqueakyBottom.”

In the past two years, I’ve wasted almost $150 on gadgets he doesn’t like or won’t stay still for. Well, he LOVES the CoatHook! It’s the only brush he has ever actually stood still for me to use on him for any length of time! And just using it for even five minutes pulls so much undercoat off of him!

I still buy other brushes to try to use on his coat... and no matter what I get, I use the CoatHook afterwards, and it still manages to get more undercoat that the other one missed. I basically use the others because they’re much bigger, and it speeds up the process of brushing him... but no matter what, I always do a final run-through with the CoatHook for the last part of his brushing, and there is always more that the other brushes have missed.

Your product is amazing! So happy I found it and got one!”

— C.D.W., New York, USA

Note: We at the CoatHook love this dog‘s name!

corgi dachshund Chihuahua dog

“My dog, Frankie, is a Corgi / Dachshund / Chihuahua mix, and I didn’t think the CoatHook would work on his coat. But it combs out a lot of fur, and he loves it! This is an awesome, awesome product!”

— J.M., Maine, USA

“Wow! I cannot say enough about this tool! Works great, and our cats Monica and Connie LOVE it — our new cat Tom isn’t quite sure yet! If I did not have a CoatHook and didn’t KNOW how good it is, I would think it (the CoatHook’s photo of a mountain of fur on Facebook) was set up!”

 — M.S., Ontario, Canada

three cats