The CoatHook


We give $5 from every CoatHook sold to participating nonprofit animal rescue groups and shelters in the following states, when sales are generated from their designated fundraising pages.

Our goal for 2016 was to enroll at least one rescue group or shelter each month. We doubled that with 24 nonprofits on board by the year’s end, and as of August 2018, we’re supporting 46 rescues in 20 states.

It is part of our dream to support at least one rescue group or shelter from every state in the country — 19 states on board and only 31 to go!

Click on a state below to see which rescue groups and shelters we’re supporting. If you don’t see your favorite dog or cat rescue group or shelter, please share our fundraising program page with them, and encourage them to contact us about participating — you’ll get a FREE CoatHook if your referral enrolls in the program — two FREE CoatHooks if your referral puts a new state on our map!