The CoatHook Pet Comb

What We Stand For

Adoption and Rescue

Cosmo the cat who inspired the CoatHook pet comb invention

We feel strongly that, until every animal has a safe and loving home, adoption is the most responsible path to pet guardianship. Having fostered several dozen dogs and cats and adopted every pet we've ever shared our lives with, we know well the reward that comes from giving an animal the home it deserves. There's no pet more grateful than the one whose life has been saved. We acknowledge that there's a place for small-scale responsible breeders, but we are vehemently against irresponsible breeders whose sole motivation is profit.

Responsible Guardianship

Dixie the dog who has been a faithful demonstration subject for the CoatHook pet comb

We believe that pets should be treated as equal family members whose lives and comfort are as important as their human counterparts'. We applaud pet guardians who make a lifelong commitment to the animals they bring into their lives and would never abandon a pet any more readily than they would abandon a human family member. When unavoidable life circumstances arise that make it impossible to continue to provide care for a pet, we believe it's the guardian's responsibility to find a safe, comfortable home where their pet will be properly cared for and loved.

Giving Back

Karma, one of our foster cats

Having volunteered in animal rescue, we have the utmost respect for those who do the difficult yet rewarding work of saving animals whose lives are in jeopardy.

A primary motivation for creating The CoatHook is to provide an income stream that allows us to support rescue groups and shelters. We donate a portion of the proceeds from every CoatHook we sell to a variety of local and national rescue groups and shelters.

Would you like us to donate a portion of sales to benefit your favorite nonprofit rescue group or shelter? We'd love to help — click here to get us started!

Supporting Our Local Economy

Made In Maine USA

If we expect to have customers who can afford to care for their pets, it's our responsibility to support our local and national economy by helping to create and maintain well-paying jobs. To that end, we manufacture The CoatHook right here in Kennebunk, Maine, USA. Our retail packaging is also produced here in Maine by a printer that is powered exclusively by wind.