The CoatHook Pet Comb

A CoatHook to Benefit
Friends of Feral Felines

$ 19.95

A CoatHook to Benefit <br />Friends of Feral Felines
A CoatHook to Benefit <br />Friends of Feral Felines A CoatHook to Benefit <br />Friends of Feral Felines A CoatHook to Benefit <br />Friends of Feral Felines A CoatHook to Benefit <br />Friends of Feral Felines A CoatHook to Benefit <br />Friends of Feral Felines

$ 19.95

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About This Fundraiser

feral cat

$5 of every CoatHook sold from this page goes to Friends of Feral Felines, an all-volunteer organization committed since 1993 to helping feral cats in southern Maine.

FoFF’s mission is to humanely reduce the population of feral cats through trapping, neutering, and then releasing them back to their colony sites (a method called Trap-Neuter-Return or TNR). In time, the colonies’ populations shrink due to lack of reproduction.

SPECIAL! FREE homegrown organic catnip with every order — while supplies last!FoFF volunteers provide the colonies with food and water regularly and monitor them for new, sick, or injured members who need medical attention. They also find barn homes for some of the cats, and they foster and socialize kittens to prepare them for adoption. Their efforts include public education and fundraising to support the ongoing need for food and medical care.

Funds we donate from CoatHook sales made from this page will help cover FoFF’s expenses for cat food and veterinary care.

Big Mike the feral cat loves being groomed with the CoatHook

A volunteer took this video of "Big Mike" getting CoatHooked. It’s been a great way for a feral cat to experience pleasure from being almost touched by a human, and it’s a great way to bridge the physical gap between humans and feral cats.

According to Natalie, “Big Mike is hard to video because he’s always head butting my hands, but he loves to be ‘CoatHooked’ and purrs up a storm.”

About This Product

The CoatHook is made in Maine, USA

The CoatHook gathers and removes shedding undercoat fur from cats, dogs, and rabbits without pulling or cutting the outer layers of fur, the way some pet combs do.

The CoatHook’s long tines reach through the outer layer of fur, and the small hooks at the ends of the tines gently but very effectively gather and remove downy shedding undercoat fur.

A series of graduated hooks along the top of the tines can be used to gently tease out tangled fur.

The CoatHook works really well on dogs that have coats that shed, such as Labs, Collies, Shepherds, and mixed breeds, as well as medium-long to long-haired cats.

Watch the video below to learn more about the CoatHook and see it in action.

Made in Maine, USA.