The CoatHook

A CoatHook to Benefit
Purr-fect Match Animal Rescue

$ 19.95

A CoatHook to Benefit <br />Purr-fect Match Animal Rescue<br /><br />
A CoatHook to Benefit <br />Purr-fect Match Animal Rescue<br /><br /> A CoatHook to Benefit <br />Purr-fect Match Animal Rescue<br /><br /> A CoatHook to Benefit <br />Purr-fect Match Animal Rescue<br /><br /> Close-up of the CoatHook pet comb's patented microhooks A CoatHook to Benefit <br />Purr-fect Match Animal Rescue<br /><br /> The CoatHook pet comb on a pile of deshedded dog fur A CoatHook to Benefit <br />Purr-fect Match Animal Rescue<br /><br />

$ 19.95

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About This Fundraiser

Cat at Purr-Fect Match Animal RescueThis fundraiser benefits Purr-Fect Match Animal Rescue of Wisconsin, which is “dedicated to the sanctity of all living things and their inherent right to a happy, healthy, and humane life.”

The organization provides a match-making service for families who are ready to adopt a homeless cat or dog, and it continually builds a network of foster homes that provide safe and comfortable temporary havens for homeless cats and dogs until they can find their forever homes.

It also works with families who are at risk of having to surrender their pets because of a move, a divorce, or a job loss by connecting them with resources that will help them to keep their pet.

Dog at Purr-Fect Match Animal Rescue

We can develop this profile a little more robustly with answers to the following questions:

  • When was this rescue founded?
  • What inspired the rescue’s formation?
  • Is the rescue run solely by volunteers?
  • How many volunteers are involved?
  • Approximately how many dogs and cats has this rescue benefitted since it was founded? Or approximately how many on average in a year might this rescue help (can we quantify, even roughly, what kind of impact this rescue has on the well-being of dogs and cats)?
  • What kind of operational expenses will this fundraiser help to cover?
  • Is there anything else you’d like CoatHook customers to know about the work you do and how their support will help?

Funds raised from CoatHook pet comb sales on this page help to cover costs for vaccinations, spay / neuter, veterinary testing and treatment, microchipping, and food and supplies.

About This Product

The CoatHook is made in Maine, USA

The CoatHook gathers and removes shedding undercoat fur from cats, dogs, and rabbits without pulling or cutting the outer layers of fur, the way some pet combs do.

The CoatHooks long tines reach through the outer layer of fur, and the small hooks at the ends of the tines gently but very effectively gather and remove downy shedding undercoat fur.

A series of graduated hooks along the top of the tines can be used to gently tease out tangled fur.

The CoatHook works really well on dogs that have coats that shed, such as Labs, Collies, Shepherds, and mixed breeds, as well as medium-long to long-haired cats.

Watch the video below to learn more about the CoatHook and see it in action.

Made in Maine, USA.